Wireless Network Support

Let's start with an answer to the most common question about wireless. Yes, a wireless network can be secure. It all depends on the hardware used to set up the network, and what safeguards are put in place.

For example – Quick Fix Dubai uses Cisco wireless routers and access points. And we recommend them to all clients. Why? Because their hardware is the #1 rated in the world for reliability. If you have reliable wireless network hardware, you have a secure wireless network.

New office? Need a network up fast without a high setup/hardware cost? Go wireless with Quick Fix Dubai. Our engineers will set up a Cisco network and make sure all your PCs are secured.

Wireless Networking Services:

  • Wireless Network Setup – How many users, desired security, & desired speed are all considerations in a Quick Fix Dubai Wireless Network.
  • Wireless Security Checks – Wondering if someone's broken into your network via the wireless? Have us check the network's access points. If there's a potential backdoor, we'll shut it.
  • Wireless Support – All hardware needs maintenance. Wireless networks need support when a router fails, wireless connections are disrupted somehow, or there's a security issue.

Wireless technology has evolved so quickly in the past years, it's now much more affordable to use wireless connections than put in new Ethernet cabling.

  Reliability, security, cost efficiency. It's time for wireless.